What are theexamples of shrubs?

Answer Fresh or dried parsley is a common ingredient in soups, stews, meat and egg dishes. It is an excellent addition to any dish with garlic, as it tends to mitigate the after effects (bad breath). Eat... Read More »

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What are senna shrubs?

Senna shrubs used to be classified as members of the genus Cassia spp, within the pulse family, Leguminosae. A more correct classification is considered within their own genus, Senna spp, within th... Read More »

What are some examples of shrubs?

Shrubs are plants that are smaller then trees, and bigger than herbs. So things like hibiscus, gorse, lantana and hundreds of others are shrubs.

What kind of shrubs are these?

Those are boxwood. Much too dense for Crape myrtles.Wish the picture were closer-up, but from this distance, the red and white flowers look like New Guinea (or even "regular") Impatiens. (they com... Read More »

What is the complete classification of shrubs?