What are the yearly Adoption rates in US?

Answer Good for you for considering adoption! This may differ from state to state. You would do well to consult a lawyer, however, not just for your sake, but also for the child's. Having a legal adoption... Read More »

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How many children are awaiting adoption yearly?

Most people want to adopt a baby or a two-year old child. Those lists are quite long. If you want an older child the lists are shorter.

Mothers who have relinquished a child for adoption and higher than average rates of secondary infertility?

It's difficult to find solid statistics regarding secondary infertility in relation to birth mothers vs. that in the general population. Some claim 20-30% choose not to have another child. In one r... Read More »

Will two or more adoption financial assistance organizations work together on one adoption case so that all of the adoption costs are covered or is help limited to aid from one company per adoption?

No, you can only use one agency per adoption and I would recommend you do so.There are banks, however, that will work with the financial assistance organizations and can provide you low or no inter... Read More »

Reasons for high birth rates and death rates in LEDC's?