How many bones in a 3 year old's wrist?

Answer As you don't mention any symptoms relating to the head injury besides whiplash and a bump, I'm going to assume there aren't any, for purposes of this advice.Head impact almost always results in Whi... Read More »

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Question about wrist bones?

It's just the end of your radius bone and I have that as well. It's just genetic and if you're thin it's more pronounced. It's not a problem, it just means you (and I) will probably never be hand... Read More »

My wrist is not breaking Do I have really strong bones?

just take up skateboarding and try hard not to break it, then sure as sh1t stinks you'll fall over and break that little puppy before you know what's happened.

What is it called when your bones set after you die?

Rigor mortis is a condition that affects the muscles, not the bones. It is a chemical condition that occurs after death. It isn't permanent, it usually disappears after 24 hours. Then the body g... Read More »

Do you know what it is called if one bone in your wrist is longer than the other?

Deb - The only thing I was able to find is something called "Kienbock's Disease. This is a portion of what the article says about it:There are several possible causes for Kienbock's Disease, but t... Read More »