What are the white dots on your digital pictures?

Answer They could be dust particles. They could either be floating in the air and reflecting the flash when you take a photo, or you may need to clean the shutter by wiping it off with a clean, dry cloth.

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Scanner shows white dots on the pictures I scanned, Help :)?

depending on resolution being scanned, could be mere dust on glass, if high quality scan 800+ resolution, if lower scan at 100 may not show up, if still showing , try edit in photo editor using fi... Read More »

Does this match a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and a white headband with black dots?

What do you do with your digital pictures?

Burn them to cds so you can file them onto your bookshelf. It'd be cool to get an online storage space though so no concern of fire.

What are these white little dots over my mirror?

Thats toothpaste.Wipe mirror after brushing or brush your teeth from a distance.