What are the white bugs that thrive in dill?

Answer That is dependent on the type of the herb, some are only viable for a few short weeks, others can be sown years later with reduced but still good results. Consult a good herb gardening book from yo... Read More »

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2 tablespoons fresh dill how much dried dill?

Usually dried ingredients are stronger than the fresh (if they are not too old) so you use 1/2 of the fresh quantity = 1 tablespoon of dried dill.

How much dill seed do you use to replace one dill flower?

Sears parts direct would be the first place I'd look...

Dill Seed Vs. Dill Weed?

Dill, a native of the Mediterranean, belongs to the parsley family and has a long history of usage by humans. Today, growers cultivate dill in many parts of the world, with India and Pakistan havin... Read More »

Little White Soil Bugs?

Home gardeners often find little white bugs in the soil of potted plants. These insects are the larval form of fungus gnats, which are non-biting insects that resemble mosquitoes. Fungus gnats are ... Read More »