What Are the Weather Conditions Immediately Before a Thunderstorm?

Answer According to National Geographic, approximately 73 people are killed by lightning each year in the United States --- more than either hurricanes or tornadoes. Knowing what the weather is like right... Read More »

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What kind of weather conditions do the poles have?

According to the Goddard Space Flight Center, temperatures in the South Pole can range from around -18 degrees F to about -76 degrees F. Temperatures in the North Pole can range from 32 degrees F t... Read More »

What kind of weather conditions do polar regions have?

Polar regions are cold year-round. Average temperatures at the South Pole range from minus 76 degrees Fahrenheit in winter to minus 18 degrees in summer. At the North Pole, average temperatures ran... Read More »

What garden vegetables can take horrendous weather conditions?

Sounds like typical NDak summer weather only we get a little hotter and definitely a lot windier.I adopt a two pronged approach.One is benign neglect (xeriscape) with native plants and there domest... Read More »

What do you use to shelter your generator from weather conditions?

We had same problem, because we didn't want to spend a lot of money.Took a ride to Fleet Farm one day and I saw a pre built child's doll house sample out side. Told husband lets take a look at tha... Read More »