Can weather conditions cause strokes?

Answer On One Hand: Weather Doesn't Cause StrokesThe medical condition known as a stroke, a problem with blood flow in the brain, is not caused by weather conditions. According to the Mayo Clinic, a strok... Read More »

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Weather Conditions for Chesapeake Bay?

As the largest estuary in North America, Chesapeake Bay is 200 miles long and at some points 30 miles wide. Over 130 rivers and streams empty into the estuary, defined as the water area where fresh... Read More »

Weather Conditions That Can Be Felt?

Your experiences with the weather can be some of the most important in your life. The patterns of the clouds and wind can wield great influence on your mood, activities and choices. Some types of w... Read More »

What Are the Weather Conditions Immediately Before a Thunderstorm?

According to National Geographic, approximately 73 people are killed by lightning each year in the United States --- more than either hurricanes or tornadoes. Knowing what the weather is like right... Read More »

What kind of weather conditions do the poles have?

According to the Goddard Space Flight Center, temperatures in the South Pole can range from around -18 degrees F to about -76 degrees F. Temperatures in the North Pole can range from 32 degrees F t... Read More »