What are the ways to cure Glaucoma ?

Answer I'm not an xpert in medicines. So, I've researched and found the following sites, which may help u. My personal advice would be, try to add as many 'green' leaves as u can in ur daily diet, esp. Po... Read More »

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What are the best ways to cure a hangover?

If you know who Dr. Oz is (He is a frequent on Oprah and also an author) here is what he had to say on the Oprah show recently that I thought was interesting....keep in mind, NEVER take tylenol whi... Read More »

What are ways to fix/cure TMJ without surgery?

If it is caught early, it will probably respond to resting the muscles and joints by eating soft foods, not chewing gum, avoiding clenching or tensing, and relaxing muscles with moist heat (1/2 hou... Read More »

What are some natural ways to cure insomnia?

5-htp is a great supplement for sleep. I found a really good one at this website. Other ones I tried did not work as well. Other supplements that help are GABA and Melatonin but the last one, you h... Read More »

What are some ways to cure a baby's gassy tummy?

adequate burbing after ever feeding. Newborns are naturally gassy.....I wonder what percentage of global warming can be attributed to your little nephew...... lol