What are the water based fruits to be used on skin, especially face?

Answer Overripe Apricots mashed and applied to let dry like a mask, will draw out excess oils.Cucumber sliced rubbed over face will seal in moisture without leaving oils behind.Always wash with a good cle... Read More »

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What r hard fruits soft fruits stone fruits citrus tropical?

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How can I remove the "blackheads" from my body, especially my "face"?

I got this website, you probably should remember, and never forget to use when you want to remove blackheads, here are the Ingredients. Also, give me 10 points :) Read More »

Can i use rustoleum water based varathane over a different brand of water based varathane?

Really? Terrible? Wow. Just wondering...if you were to tell a doctor that you feel "terrible" and not tell her anything else, would you expect her to help? if you were to tell your auto mechani... Read More »