What are the water based fruits to be used on skin, especially face?

Answer Overripe Apricots mashed and applied to let dry like a mask, will draw out excess oils.Cucumber sliced rubbed over face will seal in moisture without leaving oils behind.Always wash with a good cle... Read More »

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Can you use water-based latex paint over an oil-based primer?

You can use water-based latex paint over an oil-based primer. This combination can be used when painting indoors or out. However, when painting latex over oil-based primer indoors, make sure all ... Read More »

Can I paint oil-based polyurethane over water-based?

With preliminary preparation, a coat of oil-based polyurethane can be applied over its water-based equivalent, as long as the original coat has cured for at least 30 to 60 days. Before applying the... Read More »

How do I tell if I have oil based or water based paint on a wall?

AnswerYou need a rag and denatured alcohol. The alcohol will soften water based paints but leave oil base alone. This is what you do.Use a light colored rag for dark paint colors and a dark rag for... Read More »

Can you use a water-based glaze over an oil-based stain?

You can use an acrylic water-based glaze over oil-based stain or oil paint. Make sure that the oil paint is completely dry before applying the glaze with a paint brush or a foam brush. Apply the gl... Read More »