What are the vests called that show neon color when light hits it?

Answer I have never been set on fire, but I have been burnt on a stove, and 2nd degree burns from being in the sun too long.2nd Answerer says: Yes, I have.

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What is the color of a neon light in chemistry?

Neon lights can now be made in almost any color, and many of them contain a mixture of neon and other gases. The gases present in the light determine its color. Pure neon gives off a reddish-orange... Read More »

What is the science fiction TV show that takes place in space the captin is called max and there is a light pink purple girl with a tail called?

Andromeda. It is awesomely campy and the purple girl changes in the later seasons (i'm not telling why or how). It is one of my favorites and i recommend it.

What steps are taken when a parent hits their teenager and the authorities are called?

Answer The police will make a report and forward it to the department of family and youth services or child protective services. The agency with jurisdiction will investigate the alledged incident... Read More »

What color is the human blue before the air hits it?