What are the various benefits of drinking milk everyday?

Answer 1. Avoid osteoporosis, hypertension and colon cancer. These are a few Benefits from drinking milk you won't get by popping a vitamin or calcium supplement. 2. Drinking milk can also protect you fro... Read More »

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What Are the Benefits of Soy Milk Over Regular Milk?

Soy milk is made from soy beans that are soaked, ground, and then strained. Soy milk and cow's milk differ in the amount of fat, protein, vitamins they contain. Many people choose to include soy mi... Read More »

I'm drinking Pepsi everyday is it bad for me?

Too much sugar.Drink water, just like God sent it.

Is drinking monster everyday bad for u!?

It's terrible for you. A few years ago, in high school.. this guy was in most of my classes. He brought a six pack of monsters to school and decided to drink one every period. By second period he w... Read More »

What Are the Disadvantages of Drinking Soy Milk?

For years the media has spread the good news about soy. Although many people have added soy into their diets to replace or supplement protein, instead of becoming healthier, they may have hurt the... Read More »