What are the uses and examples of photography in science?

Answer Poo, it is used for taking pictures of POO

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What are some uses of photography in science?

documentation of an experiment, such as taking photos before, during, and after running an experiment to show what happens. using other devices to magnify the image, such as a powerful microscope ... Read More »

What Are Some Examples of Really Good Science Projects?

Choosing a science fair project can be a daunting task. Ideas can range anywhere from the most basic--How to Boil Water--to the most complicated--How to Build a Robot with Artificial Intelligence. ... Read More »

What are some nonmedical uses of Kirlian photography?

It has also been used for such nonmedical purposes as detecting flaws in metal and determining the viability of seeds.

What do you call the technique in photography that uses creative light and shadows?

Answer chiaroscuroThat artistic technique is used not only in photography, but in all graphic arts.