What are the uniforms of the bolivia army?

Answer Army uniforms are the easiest way of determining "friendlies" in the battlefield and on the streets. It is important to know the colors of other countries army uniforms so that you can recognize th... Read More »

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What color are U.S. Army uniforms?

As of 2010, the United States Army Service combat uniform is a green and brown camouflage jacket and trousers. The Army service dress uniform is a dark blue jacket and blue trousers. In 2008, the A... Read More »

What to do with old army uniforms?

================ if you had a particularly distinguished career you could donate them to a military museum. You can keep them for sentimental value, or you could always sell them to a military sur... Read More »

What is the value of ww II army air force uniforms?

Anywhere from $25-$30 to as much as $100 or $200. It depends on the condition and the patches and medals. A uniform that looks like a suite and without any patches or medals will be about $25 in mo... Read More »

What kind of uniforms did the Union Army wear?

The Union Army wore a number of different kinds of uniforms throughout the Civil War, depending on the regiment. However, certain standards applied to the majority of the Army, notably the blue col... Read More »