What are the types of plants?

Answer There are nearly 500,000 different kinds of plants. About 2,000 new kinds of plants are discovered or developed every year.

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What are 2 types of plants?

They can be :- Cryptogammes or Phanerogammes Embryonic or Non embryonic Vascular or Non vascular

Types of Transgenic Plants?

Since they first became commercially available in 1996, genetically modified, or GM, crops have enjoyed swift growth in popularity among farmers. According to The Economist, as of 2010, some 331 mi... Read More »

What are some types of non-vascular plants?

For a more inclusive answer and explanation: Please see related link below.hornworts, liverworts, mosses, green algae

The Best Soil Types for Plants?

Soil is one of the most important determining factors in the health and growth rates of plants. Soil acts as a transport system that delivers essential nutrients and water to plants via their root ... Read More »