What are the types of plants?

Answer There are nearly 500,000 different kinds of plants. About 2,000 new kinds of plants are discovered or developed every year.

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What are 2 types of plants?

They can be :- Cryptogammes or Phanerogammes Embryonic or Non embryonic Vascular or Non vascular

What types of plants are being modified?

do you mean genetic modification? mostly soybean and potatoes, a bit of corn and rice.if you mean any kind of modification then all plant life undergoes modifications all the time

What types of plants grow in Georgia?

Mainly peaches so it is called The Peach State Sunflowers and hoes are grown in Georgia

What types of plants perform photosynthesis?

Green plants containing chlorophyll perform photosynthesis. Plants take in carbon dioxide through their leaves, water through their roots and light from the sun to produce the glucose and oxygen re... Read More »