What are the types of personal Umbrella policies and how they extend coverage?

Answer No and yes. The city will not offer you your money back, however, you can sue the officer who mistakenly arrested you in small claims or civil court. The precedent-setting case is happening right n... Read More »

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What is umbrella insurance coverage?

Umbrella insurance is a backup or secondary policy that covers the insured party in the event a claim exceeds the limits of the primary policies. One umbrella policy can back up several policies s... Read More »

Im looking at an insurance policy that has 1 million in primary coverage and 3 million umbrella coverage What will be the maximum payout possible on that policy?

Auto insurance typically covers the car, not the driver. So, if you have insurance on your vehicle, but you drive another vehicle that doesn't have insurance, you are not protected by your policy i... Read More »

What is a Personal Umbrella Policy and why would you want one?

Answer A Personal Umbrella Policy is a low-cost insurance policy that provides excess liability coverage above and beyond the limits of the liability coverage on your personal auto and homeowners ... Read More »

What is personal umbrella liability insurance?

An umbrella policy is one that sits "atop" a primary policy. That is, it provides additional coverage when the primary policy limits become exhausted. Most all umbrella policies are substantially l... Read More »