What are the types of lenses. what are their names?

Answer Convex, concave. Seriously you can find this stuff in a book.

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What are names of monthly contact lenses?

There's lots of companies that sell contact lenses. I think the most popular lens company is ACUVUE. They've been around for a long and their prices are quite reasonable. There's even a promotion g... Read More »

Types of Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are spectacle lenses that are used when you need to see in the distance and also read up close. The lenses are also called invisible or no-line bifocals and come in many differe... Read More »

Types of Varifocal Lenses?

Varifocal eyeglass lenses are made with progressive viewing areas that allow you to see clearly at all distances from near to far without the visible lines often seen in bifocal eyeglass lenses. Th... Read More »

Types of Microscope Lenses?

Microscopes provide us with the ability to view very small specimens that cannot be seen by the human eye. They are optical instruments consisting of a lens or a combination of lenses. The four mo... Read More »