What do I do about the fingerprints!!!?

Answer keep your kids away from the tv.............

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What can I use to clean blood and fingerprints off my gun?

A fetus acquires fingerprints at what age?

A human fetus begins developing a unique set of fingerprints, along with footprints, in the 26th week of the mother's pregnancy (or 24th week of gestation), according to the National Institutes of ... Read More »

At what age does an unborn baby develop fingerprints?

Between six and 13 weeks from conception, an unborn baby or fetus develops pads or bumps on its fingertips. A number of factors inside the womb cause these pads to begin forming distinct and unique... Read More »

What can I use to get fingerprints and dog nose prints off my laptop computer monitor?

You can use cleaners specifically designed for LCDs (office supply stores carry them). Use a soft, lint free (if possible) cloth or wipe dry the screen. It's not recommended that you spray the sc... Read More »