What are the types of false ceiling construction?

Answer what r the different types of false ceilingwhat r the different types of false ceiling

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False Ceiling Options?

False ceilings are commonly known as dropped, suspended or secondary ceilings. These ceilings hang below the actual ceiling, which creates a gap for cables, wiring and duct work. False ceilings ca... Read More »

How do you build a false ceiling using plasterboard?

Answer I'm not sure exactly what you are starting with, but basically you will need to attach boards (2x4's for example) to the ceiling joists to use as nailers for the drywall. If this false ceili... Read More »

How does condensation affect a false ceiling?

Condensation can form for the same reasons it does on windows, if one side is colder than the other. Condensation in extreme cases can make a false ceiling wet and soggy. In mild cases it just te... Read More »

What are some type of small mud looking particles in one spot on your ceiling in an eating area if you recently completed some construction and this is an interior wall?

Answer Just a guess here but if it's anywhere near the stove it's probably grease from hamburgers or bacon. Try washing them off and see if they reappear later. If they are mud tubes, you may have ... Read More »