What are the types of Contract?

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Engineering Contract Types?

Several contract types are used in engineering. Each contract type focuses on the requirements and standards of the project being undertaken. Contracts in the engineering field are used mainly in t... Read More »

Types of Contract Conditions for Building?

Contract conditions for building get more complex as the project gets more complex. Higher dollar value means more is at risk, so contracts attempt to assign risk to the various participants in the... Read More »

What Types of Parasites Can Humans Contract?

Human beings are infected by two different types of parasitic organisms. Protozoans, which are single-celled organisms, cause a number of different diseases -- while helminths or parasitic worms li... Read More »

Pros & Cons of Construction Contract Types?

Construction contracts lay out the rights and responsibilities of the contractor and the project owner. There are a variety of construction contracts, and depending on the type, one party may benef... Read More »