What is the skin under a rooster's neck called?

Answer The two, red flaps of skin located beneath a rooster's neck are called wattles. Wattles that are purple in color or swollen may indicate that a rooster has the bird flu, which is also known as H5N1... Read More »

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What is the skin under a turkey's neck called?

A wattle is the red, fleshy flap of skin under a turkey's neck. The wattle's purpose is to help male turkeys (toms) attract female turkeys (hens). After spotting a hen, the tom's wattle becomes mor... Read More »

What are African waist beads called?

Women in Africa wear waist beads to attract a mate, as a rite of passage, or to feel rejuvenated. These beads carry different names in different regions of Africa. Called girdles in Egypt, they are... Read More »

What are old green glass Japanese beads called?

Old green glass Japanese beads are jade beads. The manufacturing of jade beads in Japan dates back to Early Jomon (14,000 to 4,000 B.C.). They primarily were made in Itoigawa, Niigata. The most val... Read More »

Does it puts the lotion on the skin?

No. It puts the lotion in the basket. Then it does a little kookie dance whilst making a mangina.