What are the two types of parallel ata data cables?

Answer ATA stands for "Advanced Technology Attachment" and refers to a type of computer data storage device, usually a hard drive. One type of ATA is parallel, or PATA. A computer's hard drive can use mor... Read More »

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How do I get Data cables for a PC?

A motherboard will likely come with a few, but your hard drives and optical drives are usually oem so they come with absolutley nothing.

How do fiber optic cables transmit data?

Fiber optics uses light pulses to transmit information through a cable in much the same way that electronic pulses transmit data. A fiber optic line consists of fibers made of glass and sometimes p... Read More »

Does any one know where I can find one of those data cables for my cellphone and how much do they cost?

The cost prolly depends on what kinda cell phone you have. I got a BOOST, and Motorola makes all of BOOST/NEXTEL phones, so the all the phones' external jacks are designed to work with the same cha... Read More »

What 2 types of connectors can be on DVI cables?

DVI- Digital (DVI-D) Supports digital display only. DVI- Integrated (DVI- I) Supports both digital and analog displayBy Joseph Julius (man from Mpwapwa- Tanzania)