What are the two types of milk the baby receives at the breast?

Answer There are actually 3 types Colostrum Foremilk and Hindmilk. Colostrum is the milk a baby recieves in the first 3-7 days after birth, and is rich in antibodies. Foremilk is high in vitamins and... Read More »

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How Much Breast Milk Should a Baby Drink?

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What immunity protects a baby who is fed breast milk?

Naturally Passive. Antibodies pass from mother to fetus via placenta, or to infant in her milk.

Can a baby get food poisoning from breast milk?

On One Hand: No Risk to BabyA mother who had food poisoning will not pass the bacteria to her breastfeeding baby as long as the condition is limited to her gastrointestinal tract. Even if the food ... Read More »

What are the Advantages of feeding a baby on breast milk?

Just about everything! Mother's milk is the perfect food. It is always sterile, at the right temperature, is much more nutritious than any substitute, and helps build the baby's immune system and... Read More »