What are the two types of black lights?

Answer Black lights are fluorescent or incandescent. A fluorescent bulb is long and tube-shaped. An incandescent black light looks like a regular household light bulb, except that it is black in color. UV... Read More »

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Types of Fog Lights?

Car and truck fog lights are designed to eliminate glare and improve visibility when driving, especially during bad weather. What sets a fog light apart from a regular driving light is the wider li... Read More »

Types of Christmas Lights?

Christmas lights come in several varieties, and each has a specific use. Some lights are ideal for trimming the Christmas tree, while others work best for outdoor decor, and yet others serve multip... Read More »

Types of Timing Lights?

Timing lights are necessary to adjust the firing time of the ignition for the proper combustion of fuel. Fuel burns at a constant rate depending on compression in the engine. As the engine's RPM in... Read More »

Types of Street Lights?

It's interesting to try to imagine what Benjamin Franklin (1706 to 1790) would think about streetlights in America today. Franklin designed glass-pane lamps that provided candlelight for the street... Read More »