What are the two types of black lights?

Answer Black lights are fluorescent or incandescent. A fluorescent bulb is long and tube-shaped. An incandescent black light looks like a regular household light bulb, except that it is black in color. UV... Read More »

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What Types of Bacteria Do UV Lights Destroy?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with wavelengths between 100 nanometers (nm) and 400 nm. It is generated by either sunlight or artificial sources. UV light is ... Read More »

What types lights are used in photography?

I prefer white lightning lights by the Paul Buff company. All my photographers use them.

What types of flower are black?

I found a site with a bunch of 'em on it.-Black Tulips-Black Iris-Black Hollyhocks-Black Lily-Black Bush-Black Elephant Ears-Black Pansy-Black Rose

Types of Fog Lights?

Car and truck fog lights are designed to eliminate glare and improve visibility when driving, especially during bad weather. What sets a fog light apart from a regular driving light is the wider li... Read More »