What are the two catagories of robotics please help project due by midnite NITE!!!!?

Answer Industrial RobotsRobots today are being utilized in a wide variety of industrial applications. Any job that involves repetitiveness, accuracy, endurance, speed, and reliability can be done much bet... Read More »

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What foods do we eat that are foreign, like curry from india, please help i really need it for a project! xxxx?

Germany - SauerkrautScotland - HaggisAustralia - VegemiteSpanish - PaellaIndian - CurryItalian - lasagna and pastaEnglish - Fish and chipsIrish - Guinness (lol) Traditional Irish breads include s... Read More »

Please help me with editing a video project!?

To cut out the three extra seconds on video 1, play the video and pause it right before the part you want to cut out. Right click on the black bar on the right, then click "Split". Right click agai... Read More »

PLEASE HELP! How do you add a library to a Visual Studios 2010 C++ project?

Different people will do it in different ways.You need to put the .h file somewhere that the C++ compiler will find it. You could, for instance, add it to the project in the same directory as your ... Read More »

I am doing a research project on the cuteness of babies. Will you please help?

I would not normally post pictures of my baby. As you know I am very private person and I do not really even like to discuss my or other babies. However I am a scholar of this subject myself and fe... Read More »