What are the treatments for systemic yeast infection in dogs?

Answer Systemic dog yeast infections are caused by a natural organism in the dog's body called Candida albicans. Normal amounts of this organism are beneficial to the dog's intestinal health, but an overa... Read More »

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Yeast infection treatments?

It might not be a yeast infection, could be something else which is why they always say never diagnosis it yourself. I thought I had a yeast infection went out bought a $15 monistat package only to... Read More »

What are the treatments for canine yeast infection?

Pet owners are often surprised to learn that dogs can suffer from fungal infections similar to those experienced by humans. Among the most common fungal infections in dogs is a yeast infection, wh... Read More »

What Is Cutaneous Yeast Infection in Dogs?

A cutaneous yeast infection is one that affects the skin of a dog. Recognizing the symptoms, causes and treatment options of this disorder will benefit the health of your dog.SymptomsThe symptoms o... Read More »

Using Monistat for Yeast Infection in Dogs Ears?

Yeast is a fungus that can cause superficial or internal infections. Many dogs suffer from ear infections that are caused by yeast overgrowth. A warm dark ear canal can become the perfect breeding ... Read More »