What are the treatments for reduced libido in women?

Answer Reduced libido can be an important issue for women to address, and can be brought on by changes in home life, physical issues, medications and relationship issues. Taking the appropriate steps to t... Read More »

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Do menopausal women lose libido?

During menopause, 20 to 40 percent of women experience loss of libido. An imbalance between three major hormones---estrogen, progesterone and androgens---contributes to this symptom. Other causes f... Read More »

What are the treatments for baldness in women?

There are a number of reasons for baldness in women, the most common of which is female pattern hair loss. However, various medical conditions and hormonal imbalances contribute to this as well.Ide... Read More »

How to Get Botox Treatments for Women?

Doctors treat millions of Americans with Botox cosmetic every year to reduce the appearance of frown lines on their face. Botox provides a safe, inexpensive and fast treatment option. If your favor... Read More »

What were treatments of women in the Spanish era in the Philippines?

Up until the era of Hispanic rule, women in the Philippines enjoyed far more freedom and power than many of their Asian neighbors.HistoryBefore Spanish colonization, women were entitled to own prop... Read More »