What are the treatments for optical neurosis with ms?

Answer Optical neurosis is one of the symptoms that about 66 percent of people who have MS will experience at one time or another. It is often the first symptom someone may have with multiple sclerosis. ... Read More »

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Are there audio optical cable adapters, or multi-pronged audio optical cables of some sort?

doesn't your tv have optical out? which would solve plugging in directly to the sound inputs on the sound bar so the tv inputs would get redirected to the sound bar

If your LG TV only has an optical audio output and the DVD player only has an optical output can you hook it up like that and will it work?

Optical: is this possible?

" someone told me " is almost always nonsense....and it is this time too.Changing your prescription as often as you want won't improve your vision. Wearing the proper prescription just lets you see... Read More »

What are causes of optical migraines?

An optical migraine, also known as a migraine with aura, is a medical condition comprising extremely painful, reoccurring, neurovascular headaches that usually affect only one side of the sufferer'... Read More »