What are the treatments for leg ulcers?

Answer Depending on the cause, leg ulcers may or may not cause pain. Sometimes appearing quite innocent in the beginning, what starts as a small, shallow wound can lead to life-threatening complications i... Read More »

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What are leg ulcers?

Ulcers are sores that do not seem to heal. Though most commonly associated with the stomach, ulcers can appear anywhere on the body, including the legs.IdentificationLeg ulcers most often appear as... Read More »

What are venous leg ulcers?

Venous leg ulcers are painful skin lesions that usually form on the lower leg and are caused by a malfunctioning of the veins.Venous InsufficiencyVenous leg ulcers are caused by venous insufficienc... Read More »

What relieves ulcers?

Same thing your physician told you. Change your diet and take antacids. Stop smoking if you do, cut back on alcohol if you drink beyond moderation, stay away from spicy foods, and try to eat comple... Read More »

What is the Sippy diet for ulcers?

Early 20th-century doctors, unaware of the bacterial cause of most ulcers, attempted to curb patients with a bland-foods treatment called the Sippy diet.DefinitionThe Merriam-Webster Dictionary def... Read More »