What are the treatments for hepatitis c with interferon?

Answer Hepatitis C is a disease that causes inflammation of the liver which affects the livers ability to function. This disease may cause swelling and soreness. Interferon is a form of treatment that is ... Read More »

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How much does interferon cost?

The average cost of one injection of 5 millions units of alpha-interferon cost approximately $40, according to California Pacific Medical Center's website as of July 2010. Health insurance companie... Read More »

Interferon Side Effects in Cats?

Interferon is a medication designed to stimulate the immune system and may be used in instances where the feline is suffering from an upper respiratory infection, or in the management of infection ... Read More »

Question regarding pegylated interferon injections and ribavirin treatment?

The people that tend to do best on treatment are the ones who have prepared themselves mentally & physically (and spiritually, too) before they start treatment. Have you been to a support group to ... Read More »

Can pegylated interferon mess up tattoos at the injection site?

No, it will not do a thing to your tattoo. The needles are very small and you will be injecting the medication (interferon) underneath the layers of skin. Check to see if your doctor will set up an... Read More »