What are the treatments for head trauma?

Answer Head injuries are a common occurrence and are often minor since the thickness of the skull protects the brain from severe trauma. However, symptoms of any head trauma can be misleading as to the se... Read More »

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What are the treatments for brain trauma?

Brain trauma, or traumatic brain injury, is a term used to describe injuries that cause physical damage to the brain, or tears in associated nerve fibers. Treatments for brain trauma vary with the ... Read More »

What are the causes of head trauma?

Head trauma may be caused by any injury that damages the scalp, brain or skull. Head trauma may be a mild bump on the head, or a more severe incident such as an injury to the brain.IdentificationHe... Read More »

Why is the dog walking in circles after a head trauma?

Dogs who have undergone head trauma of some sort will likely exhibit abnormal behavior, such as walking in circles, due to neurological damage to the brain and nervous system.Head TraumaA dog will ... Read More »

Signs of Head Trauma in Guinea Pigs?

A head injury can be very serious for a guinea pig. The trauma from the injury causes brain tissue to swell, which can halt normal processes like breathing and digestion. If you suspect that your g... Read More »