What are the treatments for fluid in the knee with a tear on the front side?

Answer Complete or partial tears of knee ligaments or tendons can result in fluid buildup behind the kneecap. You can do several things to treat both the tear and fluid, ranging from self-care to surgery,... Read More »

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What are the treatments for knee fluid?

If you develop excess synovial fluid in your knee--commonly called fluid on the knee or knee joint effusion--the treatment focuses on dealing with the underlying disease or injury that caused the e... Read More »

Right knee Meniscus tear any other cure besides surgery?

Hi, sorry about your knee. I'm 17 and I tore my meniscus last year and had surgery. The majority of the time, surgery is done for meniscus tears because they're hard to heal on their own. During s... Read More »

My knee hurts after doing squats yesterday. i'm afraid i might have a tear. how can you tell if something?

Trust me you will know! It is a very sharp stabbing pain, and it throbs and swells. You will usually hear a pop when you do it and your knee will feel very unstable, like when you make certain move... Read More »

If my contact has a small tear in the side, can I still wear it?

You can, but it may get annoying. Its completely safe.