What are the treatments for dermatitis mange?

Answer Does your dog have scaly, bald spots and itchy, smelly, skin? It may have mange, a skin condition caused by mites. Although most dogs aren't negatively affected by mites, canines that are malnouris... Read More »

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What is the difference between allergic dermatitis&mange in cats?

Your cat is itching and you're not sure what the problem is. Many pet owners are faced with this issue every day. Two common causes of itching are allergic dermatitis and mange. Find out the differ... Read More »

What are the treatments for the mange?

Mange is an unpleasant condition for the animal and its owner; mange frequently causes flaky skin, bad smells and discomfort for the dog or cat that has it. Fortunately, there are treatments availa... Read More »

What Are the Treatments for Demodex Mange?

Demodex mange is caused by a small parasite that burrows under your pet's skin. The parasite in question is a mite, and the result of an infestation is that the dog will lose patches of fur and dev... Read More »

Sarcoptic Mange Treatments for Dogs?

Sarcoptic mange is an infection caused by the sarcoptes scabei mite. The mites are spread between infected dogs and mate on the host's skin. The female then burrows into the dog's skin and deposits... Read More »