What are the treatments for chronic back pain other than narcotics?

Answer Back pain can be caused by injury, diseases or degeneration due to aging. It becomes chronic when the pain is recurring or doesn't let up. Long-term back pain requires a sound management plan to av... Read More »

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What are the treatments for chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain is a condition that affects millions of Americans. Though the condition is treatable, there are a multitude of causes so identifying the reason for the pain is the first step in r... Read More »

How to Help Someone With Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is the second most common neurological pain having a significant impact on daily living. Physical and emotional challenges resulting from chronic back pain may change a person's l... Read More »

What causes chronic low back pain?

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Americans spend more than $50 billion each year treating low back pain. Because low back pain affects so many people and can be costly to treat... Read More »

Why am I having chronic back pain?

Back pain that persists for more than three months is considered chronic. There are many potential causes of chronic back pain--the pain can result from a seemingly minor injury, or could stem from... Read More »