What are the treatments for bone loss in teeth?

Answer Losing bone that supports your teeth is a primary symptom of the gum disease periodontitis and largely results from poor oral hygiene. Treatment can address the problem, but you need to commit to t... Read More »

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What are the treatments for teeth with significant bone loss?

Loss of bone density can result in the weakening and loss of teeth. Because various events lead to decreased density, treatments target the teeth, the underlying bone, as well as the gums. Bone den... Read More »

What can i do if my teeth are loose due to bone loss?

No one wants to lose their teeth. However, gum disease is common among adults in United States and left untreated, leads to bone loss and loose teeth. If you have bone loss due to gum disease, you ... Read More »

Has anyone before done a bone regeneration surgery for sever bone loss due to periodental deasese?

I've assisted on many bone graft procedures and it is wonderful technology. The bone they mostly use is cadaver bone that has gone thru rigorous testing for disease and sterilization. The success r... Read More »

Your five year old still has all of his baby teeth He has started complaining of his cheeks being in pain to the touch Could this be related to a sudden loss of teeth?

Answer More than likely, it is teething pain associated with erupting 6 year molars. Those teeth will appear behind his last baby molars, and he does not have to lose any baby teeth before they co... Read More »