What are the treatments for an over active bladder?

Answer Overactive bladder is a characterized by the sudden, intense urge to urinate, and by leaking urine while coughing or sneezing. The condition is treated through behavior modification, physical thera... Read More »

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What are the treatments for bladder problems?

There are different reasons why bladder problems may occur. Although the condition can occur at any age, women are more likely to be affected, according to the National Kidney and Urological Diseas... Read More »

Why can't a pharmaceutical company invent a drug to stop an over active bladder without causing diarrhea?

Sure, but there is a risk of mild lactation and obsessive gambling.

I have a neurogenic bladder is there a cure for this type of bladder condition?

An IVP is an x-ray study of your kidneys, ureters and bladder. The following sites describe the procedure quite accurately:… Read More »

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