What are the treatments for allergies in dogs?

Answer The first step to dealing with any dog allergy is learning how to treat it. Treatments vary depending on the symptoms, the dog and sometimes even the specific allergy, but being free of snot on the... Read More »

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Organic Treatments for Dogs With Allergies?

There are a variety of different medicines and treatments that you can use on your dog if they have allergies, like watery eyes or itchy, dry skin. However, many of these allergy medicines are chem... Read More »

Holistic Treatments for Flea Allergies in Dogs?

If your dog has flea allergies, the saliva from a flea bite causes irritation to its skin. The itching can become intense, causing your dog to scratch and bite his skin. In turn, this causes open s... Read More »

Topical or Internal Treatments for Dogs With Skin Allergies?

Like their human counterparts, dogs can have allergies that affect their skin. These allergies can cause redness, inflammation, itching, biting and even loss of fur. Fortunately, dog skin allergies... Read More »

Window Treatments for Allergies?

Your immune system makes proteins called antibodies to protect you from substances it identifies as diseases or infections. If your immune system mistakenly labels an everyday substance such as ani... Read More »