What are the treatments for abuse of heroin?

Answer A notoriously addicting drug, heroin is a hard habit to break. There are a number of treatments that have proven to be effective, though addictions to heroin are broken easiest if caught early.Meth... Read More »

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What are the treatments for a combined gambling and heroin addiction?

Although both are examples of substance abuse, an addiction to gambling and an addiction to heroin are usually treated separately. However, the underlying psychological issues helping to cause both... Read More »

What steps should a teen being abuse at home take to stop the abuse?

tell a teacher, or another adult. Don't let it keep happening. Tell someone quick!!

What is worse child abuse or senior abuse?

What is heroin made of?

It's made from morphine. It's chemically "diacetylmorphine". I believe the basic reaction occurs when morphine is reacted with acetic anhydride, but don't quote me on that part.