What are the treatments for a flea medicine overdose?

Answer Overdoses of flea medication are more likely to affect cats because they are much more sensitive to medication and their reactions are likely to be more extreme and affect the central nervous syste... Read More »

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What are the treatments for a Frontline-flea-medication overdose?

Frontline Plus is an effective flea-control product. When used according to the label directions, it is also a safe one--but what if you accidentally overdose your pet?FeaturesFrontline Plus conta... Read More »

What would happen if you put flea medicine on a person?

It goes by body weight. So it wouldn't do anything.

What Are the Side Effects of Capstar Flea Medicine?

Capstar quickly provides most dogs and cats with relief from fleas. This oral medication begins working within 30 minutes upon administration to kill the pests on canines and felines. Many pet owne... Read More »

Side Effects of Flea Medicine?

Pet owners will do nearly anything to ensure the comfort and safety of their furry friends. Fleas must be treated, of course, but a flea problem is something that can be misdiagnosed by pet owners.... Read More »