What are the treatments for a calf strain?

Answer Many people suffer calf strains from running or other activities. The best treatment depends on the severity of your calf strain.CausesCalf strains are usually the result of overstretching, putting... Read More »

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Do i have a calf sprain or strain?

Injured calf Torn, Strain?

Stop physical activity (i.e. running, workouts that would stress it), and just gently stretch the area and massage the area for a few days. If it still feels like it ain't getting any better than g... Read More »

How do I tell the difference between a male calf& a female calf?

Best Time to CheckCheck your calf's sex immediately after they are born. This is the easiest time to check because you are already hands-on with them, cutting their umbilical cord and helping them ... Read More »

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