What are the treatments for Stage IV liver cancer?

Answer Each year, about 22,000 Americans receive a diagnosis of liver cancer, reports the American Cancer Society. The most advanced form of the disease, Stage IV liver cancer occurs when the cancerous ce... Read More »

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Liver Cancer Stage 3 blood test .. Oncologist or nurse or liver cancer survivor?

Personality changes are not symptoms of liver cancer and no doctor would advise any diagnostics for liver cancer based on personality changes. For more about about liver cancer and its symptoms, d... Read More »

Can Stage 2B Liver Cancer Be Treated and Cured Please help?

Hepatis/liver cancer stage 3b/Bacterial Infection/ Urine Ascites?

CEA tumor markers are not used to diagnose liver cancer. They CAN be used as an indicator for liver disease, but not cancer. Not all liver diseases are cancer. CEA tumor markers are often used ... Read More »

What are the treatments for advanced rectal cancer with liver mets?

Advanced rectal cancer frequently spreads to the liver. Treatment for stage 4 rectal cancer with liver metastasis will depend on a number of factors and might include chemotherapy, radiation or sur... Read More »