What languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Answer Most Swiss citizens are at least bi-lingual. Depending where you are they speak German, Italian, French or Romansh (apologies if that mis-spelt) . In addition most have a working knowledge of Engli... Read More »

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How many languages are spoken in east Africa?

There are two languages spoken in East Africa: English and Swahili. However, there are over 30 dialects and combinations of the two foundational languages. The dialects are grouped into three categ... Read More »

What three languages can you send on the iphone?

There are over 50,000 games available on iOS (iPhone's operating system) that are also available on iPod touch and iPad too, including Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, Shift, Monoply, Connect Four,... Read More »

What languge is spoken by the most people in the world?

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by an estimated 874 million people as a first language. If you include people who speak it as a second language, there are approximately 1.05 billion Mandarin Chinese spe... Read More »

How many languages does"It's a Small World"go through?

"It's a Small World" is sung in five languages: English, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, and Swedish. Designed and constructed for the 1964 New York World's Fair, Disney's "It's a Small World" attracti... Read More »