How do i erase the sites i visited from showing .i need to hide the porno sites visited .internet explorer?

Answer Well. Maybe you should stop using other people's computers for your... dirty deeds? First Clear the History you can do that by going to Tools at the top of the tool bar above the address bar. Cl... Read More »

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Internet providers - tracking sites visited?

Your web browser is the reason for this, or more specifically the cookies that it picks up as you visit web sitesThat's because when you visit a site it's recorded in a cookie that the likes of Goo... Read More »

How do I delete the history of all internet sites I have visited?

Easy way: download ccleaner ( a freeware) and install it and run it whenever you visit "those sites". This freeware cleans all cookies, catches and temp files too ..Great tool!

Cleared browsing history but most visited sites are still there (Chrome)?

If your'e signed in with your Google Account, it will try to sync your history and such which could be causing an issue. If you really just wanna start from scratch, open My Computer and in the nav... Read More »

Does a 3 Mobile online bill include a history of internet sites visited on their 3g network?

It depends on what you like. If you listen to a lot of music all of the time, then yes, it is worth buying. However, if you don't like to listen to a lot of music, or barely do, then it is not wo... Read More »