Blackberry Ringtones- Can someone PLEASE tell me an EASY way to download songs and use them as ringtones to BB?

Answer convert the song to ringtone mp3 to 30 seconds format by right-clicking it in itunes and selecting "convert selection to mp3" from the popup menu. itunes will make a copy of the song and you'll see... Read More »

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How do I set music for ringtones?

Understanding RingtonesRingtones are cell phone sounds used to notify of incoming calls. Setting music ringtones is technically referred to as assigning ringers to mobile contacts. In most cases, r... Read More »

How to get ringtones on htc hero?

The correct way? There are only 2 ways to accomplish it. Free of charge.Remember, HTC Hero is an Smart Phone.Method 1:Transfer the song(s) you want to set as ringtones onto the microSD card either... Read More »

Can the new htc evo accept ringtones?

it depends on what u pick 4 ur contract.

How do you name ringtones on the android?