Full horror not scary, horror movies that I could find on youtube?

Answer You can find full length horror movies on YouTube but they are probably not the best quality but I found the BEST website to watch free full length movies (lots of horror movies) its called Crackle... Read More »

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What is the purpose of producing horror movies?

The purpose of producing any movie is to make money ...bottom line!

What are some great horror/thriller movies?

I agree with Dallajanooma, the best thriller/horrors have to be the Saw series.Some that I've watched (and enjoyed):-Hostel:Gory splatter horror, youths go on holiday to Amsterdam and become victim... Read More »

What in your opinion was the best decade for horror movies?

the 1980's. i am glad u asked this question bcz i think the new generation doesnt have the imagination of hooror as the older generation. rob zombie made two stupid halloween tht made no sense at a... Read More »

If you love movies, What do you think is the best horror movie?

I guess that depends on what it is you call horror, to most people today horror can be almost any gory movie, but these types of movies are not horror, there is no macabre quality to them, they are... Read More »