What are the top ten funny ways to get revenge on someone?

Answer Answer At work: 1. Hang a Klan outfit in full view of everyone that walks by his office. 2. Saturate his desk chair with spray adhesive, it stays very sticky long term. 3. Slightly loosen his bl... Read More »

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What are some other ways you can get total revenge on your brother?

It depends on how old he is. My little brother is 7 years old. One morning my Mom got me to bring the clean landury upstairs. At the time my brother was brushing his teeth. I was carrying so much l... Read More »

How to Not Get Revenge on Someone You Hate?

A person you think is misanthropic might have been ruining your peaceful life. Often, you may have the thought of taking vengeance on them so that you will be justified. This article will tell you ... Read More »

What should you do if you have a big sister that bosses you around and is annoying and what revenge should you do that she will think is funny?

AnswerWell it's not always funny to get revenge cause eventually that person will get a bigger revenge on you. But if the relationship with your big sister is based on pranks and you get along will... Read More »

How to Get Revenge by Being Better Than Someone?

Whether it be against an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend, a friend or an enemy, revenge always tastes sweet...but for how long? Improving yourself is a great method to get revenge because there is no guilt... Read More »