What are the top colleges&universities in missouri?

Answer Missouri contains one of the best universities in the nation: Washington University in Saint Louis. Ranked No. 12 by the U.S. News and World Report, this university has a great national reputation.... Read More »

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I lived in Wisconsin and was receiving state assistance and child support. I moved to Missouri how do I end child support in Wisconsin and start getting it in Missouri?

What is the dog-vaccination law in Missouri?

The dog-vaccination law in Missouri states that the only vaccination that all dogs must have, statewide, is the rabies vaccination. However, local ordinances may require other vaccinations.What Is... Read More »

What is the state mineral of Missouri?

The state mineral of Missouri is galena, an important source of lead ore. This mineral was chosen to represent Missouri's importance as a leading producer of lead in the United States.Source:Missou... Read More »

In what county is Drexel, Missouri?

Drexel, Missouri is located in Cass County. Its population as of July 2008 is 1,097. Land area is 0.75 square miles and elevation is 992 feet. Therefore, the population density is 1,464 people per ... Read More »