What are the top 10 most searched topics on Google?


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In Google/Yahoo, what do you think is the MOST searched for item?

in order here are the top 10 keywords:10. American Idol9. Girls8. Tsunami7. mapquest6. Britney Spears5. Eminem4. eBay3. Yahoo2. Googleand finally...1. Paris Hilton

How Do I Erase What I Searched On Google ?

Are you using IE or FireForx?in IE goto-Tools->Internet Options->Delete Temporary Files, Delete History, Delete Cookies. If you delete these three, no way to return your history. in Firefox goto... Read More »

How to delete what you've searched on google?

Delete your cookies on your PC but, Google also logs everything you do and you can't delete those records.

How do you delete what you have searched on GOOGLE?

internet explorer -tools>> delete browsing historyfirefox -tools>> clear private data