Metal heads in need of help, looking for black metal bands?

Answer 50 or 100?? No thanks...Carpathian ForestGorgorothHypothermiaMutiilationAustereThy LightLost InsideColdWorldLeviathanDarkthroneImmortalXasthurDark FuneralArmagedda

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What metal bands do you recommend me?

First off, don't say "Satanic" without even knowing what "Satanic" means, because you don't know, and it makes me want to slap you. Second off, to answer your question:MetallicaJudas PriestIron Mai... Read More »

What's your favorite metal bands?

Death Metal :BenedictionSinisterMalevolent creationEntombedDismemberUnleashedKataklysmSuffocationNileDecapitatedNihilistDeicideAutopsyObituaryGraveFleshgod apocalypseAbductionMaimEntrailsRepukedDem... Read More »

How are metal bands put on for braces?

first what your orthodontist does is finds a band that fits. once they have found one they will shape it to your tooth by having you bite on a stick thing with a metal triangle on one end. after th... Read More »

Looking for some more good heavy metal bands, ones not so well known please?

Primal FearGrand MagusPriestessSahgShrinebuilderUfomammutNebulaCorrosion of ConformityMeshuggahMastodonIsis