What are the tools used for advertising?

Answer A product or service can be advertised in many ways, but it boils down to two choices: traditional ads or new media. The tools you choose depend on the budget available, the target audience and the... Read More »

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Business Advertising Tools?

All businesses advertise their products and services, even nonprofit organizations. Without advertising, a company would lose out to their competitors. In essence, competition is one of the driving... Read More »

Advertising Promotional Tools?

Companies and small business owners can use many advertising promotional tools, including magazine ads, Internet marketing and direct mail. Social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter ... Read More »

What types of tools were used with traditional horse hair plaster over wood lathe How does one use these tools to make perfectly smooth walls?

Answer I would assume a simple, but long wooden trowel similar to a mortar trowel, perhaps with some upturned skids at the end so overlapping strokes do not make unwanted marks in the plaster. I ... Read More »

Is Elmer's Glue used in lieu of milk on television advertising?

Answer Probably not. Either real milk or an 'effects prop' is used. The latter makes more sense since the substance used is more than likely non-perishable. Does that seem logical, perhaps? Bye!