How are you supposed to baby sit a sibling that does not lissen and tells you that your not the boss of him?

Answer Find his weak spot. For example I'd tell him that I'm going to ring mum right now and she'll REALLY have it in for him. Maybe try (if they're older) that you're going to go making up embarassing st... Read More »

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R&P: What are your favorite songs with titles that do NOT appear in the lyrics?

Good evening Harvey :)'Alive and Well and Living In' ~ Jethro Tull…There's a place it would fit perfectly, right at the end, but they left it out...MQ2: 'R... Read More »

How to Use the Boss GT-6 Effects Loop?

The Boss GT-6 is a guitar effects processor with a built-in COSM modeling engine. Unusually, the GT-6 has an external jack loop that can be used to add an effects loop to the signal chain. This is ... Read More »

How to Use a Boss RC-2 Loop Station?

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Effects of Processor Settings for Boss GT-3 Guitars?

The Boss GT-3 Guitar Effects Processor alters the sound output of any guitar that is plugged into it. Rather than be limited to the effects an electric or acoustic-electric guitar is built with, mu... Read More »