What are the three types of urinary diversion?

Answer Urinary diversion is when the bladder is removed or when normal structures are bypassed and an opening in the abdominal wall is made to divert urine. People who require urinary diversion are those ... Read More »

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What Is a Diversion Warrant?

A diversion warrant is a warrant for arrest that is issued when a person, usually a juvenile, fails to comply with a specified schedule as set forth by a court of law relating to criminal charge an... Read More »

Diversion Vs. Unsupervised Probation?

When an individual commits a crime, he may be sentenced to probation by the court, in lieu of serving a prison term. Probation falls into one of two categories: unsupervised or supervised. Unsuperv... Read More »

How to Report Drug Diversion According to Federal Law?

Drug diversion is the use of prescription drugs for recreational purposes. Whether of prescription medications or illicit drugs such as methamphetamine manufactured in at-home labs, this is a serio... Read More »

Urinary Blockage?

Urinary blockage, usually referred to as a urinary obstruction, can occur anywhere in the urinary tract. The urinary tract includes the kidneys, ureter, urethra, bladder and, in men, the prostate. ... Read More »